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Moving office and where to start you relocation plan


The most important detail when moving your business is the data on your computers and servers, keep in mind moving companies do not cover loss of data, this is a very important detail to note and all necessary measures must be taken in advance by the customer for backups.


The recommended method is to purchase a full package deal with a removalist as they will handle the packing for you and all insurances in this trade offer full coverage of any damage if it has been done by professional packers.

This will usually take place with an organised and detailed listing and packing of the items according to where they came from, whose desk and files with a methodical inventory to make it easy to identify what belongs to who and where it should be taken to at the new location.

Other factor is the relocation processing that most businesses neglect, this has to be planned on 2 days, the 1st day all the boxing and packaging takes place with the assembly and protection of all office furniture’s, machinery, large printers, archives ready to be safely loaded on the HGV’s for the next day.

It’s very important for the assessment of your quote to determine the volume in terms of cubic meters, and in the event of heavy machinery, their weight.

This will allow the moving company to determine the number of staff and equipment needed and the time required for the entire operation, allowing them to write an estimate or a flat rate offer.


Terms and conditions of your relocation contract with the moving company


Always take the time and read through the terms and conditions before accepting it, we will soon write an article on this as it is a very important detail, in most cases just a tick in the box and accepting means that you have just waved all your rights and in other words gave that company a blank check signed!

In the event of a conflict and if you take it to the court this will be used against you and the judge will have no choice but to dismiss the case as you gave them permission to do so.

We highly recommend that you note all important details and points, ask the company to clarify these details, or even demand a separate contract form that you should prepare in advance, this has to contain specific details related to the job you need done, for example if the weather is bad and the items needing removed are fragile to the cold or water, you can ask for the companies engagement to take special care of these items and have them insured in the event of any damage, this will add additional costs but if your items are valuable it is best to take in consideration.

All relocation and moving companies include in their terms and conditions that they are not liable in the event of bad weather that could cause damage to your belongings, this is a classic, you need to make sure that certain items are under a special insurance coverage and ask the moving company to confirm by email.


SWFL are the ideal relocation company for best advice and processing


Southwest freight and logistics offers free advice on how to proceed, visit our website:, fill out the contact page and include all details and ask for free advice, one of our advisors will be happy to call you back and assess all the details with you.

With our extensive experience in serving commercial and domestic relocations, national and international, we have created a wide range of solutions for all our customers by adapting the best options for every client.