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Set Up E.ON, The Most Renewable Energy Provider, In Your New Home

At Southwest Freight & Logistics, we take great pride in helping people save money when they move to a new home without compromising on convenience or quality. We know how expensive your move can be, and strive to provide outstanding value for money. But there are always opportunities to save money and do good after you’ve moved into your new home. You may not realise it, but your choice in energy supplier can make a huge difference to your household bills in your new home for months or even years to come.


If you remain on the same contract from the day you move in, you could be throwing money away on a needlessly expensive contract. Here we’ll look at why you may want to choose E.On to supply energy to your new property.

E.On the biggest energy supliers in the UK - Switch Plan

Why choose E.On

According to the energy experts at Switch-Plan, E.On is one of the biggest energy suppliers in the UK, second only to British Gas. If you’re sceptical about choosing a smaller supplier, especially since so many of them have gone under in recent years, it can be reassuring to choose a bigger and better-known energy company.

After merging with fellow “Big 6” supplier N Power, E.On is not just bigger than ever, it’s also had a green overhaul with some pretty compelling new tariffs available. Here are some of the reasons you should consider switching to E.On in your new home:

New 100% renewable tariff

Following the merger between E.On and N Power, a new energy brand has emerged called E.On Next. This new brand offers 100% renewable electricity from sources like wind, solar and hydropower. There’s even a tariff for those who want to go the extra mile for the planet called the Next Climate+ tariff. This tariff combines renewable energy with 100% carbon offset gas. And for every year you stay on the tariff, five trees will be planted to create a negative carbon footprint.
E.On Next is working towards becoming the most renewable energy provider in the UK and appear to be making admirable progress towards that goal.


Affordable online-only tariff

It’s a common misconception that renewable energy is more expensive than energy from fossil fuels. But the truth is that renewable energy isn’t just better for the planet, it can be cheaper, too! For instance, E.On’s cheapest tariff is the E.On Next Online tariff. Because it’s managed online, there are fewer overheads associated with the tariff, meaning customers get better rates.

No exit fees

Often when you join a new energy tariff, you’ll be charged an early exit fee if you want to move onto a new plan with another supplier. However, E.On Next has tariffs that have no early exit fees. So you are free to switch without negative consequences if you see a better deal elsewhere.

Why is it important to switch energy suppliers in your new home?

It’s important to keep switching energy suppliers regularly. The energy watchdog Ofgem recommends switching every 12-18 months. However, it’s especially important to switch after moving to a new home. As soon as you move into your new home, you’re placed on a “deemed contract” with whatever supplier the property’s previous occupant used. This means that you have to use them until you switch to someone else. What’s more, these plans often put you on a standard variable tariff, which is usually the supplier’s most expensive.
The sooner you move to a cheaper new plan, the less you’ll waste on needlessly expensive energy bills!

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