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Make the move to your new home or office, transfer all your belongings to your new location, make it easy, fast and stress-free with Bristol’s best removal service. 

Whether you’re staying in the same city or moving to another in the UK or EU, you can be sure there will be no surprises, we are Bristol’s leading removal company with extensive experience in local, national and international moving and storage. We’ll handle every detail of your move for you, with our trademark flexibility and reliability.

Bristol’s finest removalists also boast competitive, affordable prices and a level of personal service that ensures a smooth, stress-free move.

Self Storage services

Our extensive removal experience ensures we will attend to every detail and exceed your expectations.

Being the finest removalists in Bristol gives us great pride. It is built on our flexibility, transparency and integrity. We consistently provide the best value for money, without compromising the very highest standard of service.

Being a full-service removalist means we can cover all aspects of corporate moving and relocation. You can expect the entire process will be undertaken with the highest level of service, and with the responsiveness and flexibility required by your company’s policy, time restraints and budget.

Your choice of a stress-free removal service will give you the peace of mind to focus on the next steps of your move, while we cover everything else. there will never be any extra costs, stress or surprises with Southwest – Bristol’s best.

We did not become the leading moving company in Bristol by chance or accident.

We are fully insured for domestic removals, business relocations and courier services, with full commercial road transportation coverage for goods and cargo. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.

You should know that if you’re wishing to move any antiques, or objects of high value, all moving companies are subject to the same insurance rules, which specifically require special and separate insurance policies. there is also a mandatory tracking device that needs to be installed with the artefact. these devices are supplied by Southwest and are live, both on GPS and RFI, allowing accurate live tracking.

Our company’s strategies are focused on providing services that save our customers time and money. our services are based on simple processing methods and package services, where everything is included, even unexpected circumstances. this is our policy, and our standard of prioritising efficient package services to take account of all eventualities and risk factors, to minimise all costs while maintaining the highest level of white-glove services. This approach is our trademark and is based on transparency and flexibility. we’d like to think our moving service is helping you progress.

We provide free advice on all aspects of your move, so please do not hesitate to call us and talk to one of our logistics advisers. this will help you save time and minimise both cost and effort, making for a smoother, safer and faster move.

If you rush through your moving it will not save you time! The main cause of accidents during moving is rushing. so, this is a day that you should consider as a long workout in the gym, in fact physically you will do more than working out in the gym.  pace yourself for a long haul, it is not a sprint.

The golden rule is to maintain consistency, this results in a much more productive operation. And, no matter how strong you might be, your body needs some recovery time, short breaks are highly recommended for reducing the risks of accidents.

Organisation, consistency, discipline and safety are key factors in our business.

The booking process for removal services is simple and straightforward. please fill out your details on the contact page and we will process the quote for you. If you accept the quote please go back to the contact page, in order to confirm your booking. at confirmation we ask for a deposit, the payment of which is via a secured page.

Please note when confirming a booking and paying a deposit, you may change the date of your booking or cancel and get your refund, up to 48 hours before your booking date.


Bristol’s best removalists look forward to moving you.

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