Domestic and business removal services

We are one of the leading removal services in Bristol and the southwest, in order to assess the size of your move we recommend a free visit or face call to your home or office with one our of advisers, there are always details that can make an important difference in the calculation of your quote.

For example the size and weight of your belongings, weather some furniture’s need to be disassembled and reassembled for your move because of difficult and narrow access points in your building, total number and size of boxes, the number of floors, if there is a lift, available and easy parking for the HGV’s close by, these are important details that count and may reduce the cost of your move up to 25%.

Storage services

Without these details most removal companies provide a general quotation covering and taking count of all these elements that would be unexpected and over priced.

Our method of calculating quotes is simply based in terms of cubic meters, the man power required for the transportation and the time estimated for the entire operation, we also consider and include unexpected changes that may occur during your move, for example overnight or weekend storage, our policy is to never add anything to your quote and to make sure you are happy with our services.

Planning in advance and the free checklist we offer to facilitate and secure the entire operation will save you time and money, with our operating and planning methods we will reduce the costs of your move and assure the safety of your belongings and allow our staff to work in respect to health and safety standards & regulations.

The packaging service available with a team of professional packers can make your move much easier, with a crew of 2 or more men depending on the size of you move, we will save you the time and hassle with our simple planning and working measures that make a significant difference for a faster, easier and stress free move .

We always provide free boxes adapted for different items, from general belongings to large office printers and P.C’s, or wardrobe boxes with hanging rails for a safe packing of your cloths and delicate or valuable dresses.

Please note;  the quotes we provide do not include the unpacking of boxes, this must be agreed in advance with our sales team, naturally we will reassemble all furniture’s and assure their safety and functionality once transported to your new location anywhere in the U.K or the E.U zone.

In partnership with our carefully selected international shipping companies, we provide international removal and freight services from and to any destination by sea or air cargo depending on your priorities and preferred methods.

All companies in this trade often provide a quote, like the post office that sell a parcel package, even if you have half of the weight and space of the parcel you still pay the same full price to have it delivered, we operate in fair trade terms to cut any unnecessary fees so that everything is clear and payed with the right price to have you save and most important of all we want to make sure your happy and satisfied with our services.

Our trademark is based on transparency and flexibility, a very important point for us is to invest in time and effort for our customer’s care and satisfaction, by looking into your detailed instructions for an efficient, affordable, quality and satisfying personalized service.