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By Frank Saillard

Moving to a new house?


Indeed, it is very stressful to move but you need to remind yourself that change is always Good and it is the first step towards Progress, so, you’re on the right track and don’t change your mind!

There are a few options to choose from when moving, a man and van company could be the first choice if you don’t have a lot of heavy furniture’s and goods, as you are in control of your budget with hiring a Man and van service by the hour, different companies offer different prices, we recommend checking their reviews and services before hiring them.

Your 2nd option is to call a few moving companies and ask for a free quote, some companies offer a moving survey, or a house visit, out of experience the best choice is to invite them over to your house as they will be able to measure the total amount of your belongings in terms of volume and it will give them an idea on how to process, they also need to see other factors, like access to your house from the street when they arrive with a truck, the size of your entrance door, and many other details that allows them to calculate a detailed quote.

Keep in mind that most companies bump up the quote if you ask them for a price over the phone as they need to consider the most time consuming scenarios, a house visit will play in your favour, most likely they will offer you a flat rate with a more reasonable price.

Are you in contact with an actual moving company or an online broker???

Many so-called moving companies on the internet are actually online brokers, posing as a moving company that sell your information to third parties. While this practice might provide lower-priced quotes, it does not guarantee quality or control with insurance. You should insist on working directly with a moving company so you can negotiate your own pricing and terms of service, also always remember to ask for details of their insurance.

Always take a few minutes to run a review check, Trustpilot is one of the best in this field as they closely monitor each review and check on their authenticity, this will give you some insurance as you will be able to see for yourself the company you’re dealing with.

As for the pricing, every business has their own methods and price, when choosing the cheapest company, you need to understand that there might be a few surprises at a time that you should not be exposed to stress while moving.

It is recommended to call at least 4 companies and request quotes, this will give you an average price idea and grounds to choose from with different options they have to offer.

Another important detail is the insurance of your belongings, make sure in the contract the total value of your belongings is clearly stated for the moving company to cover. 

Usually, a standard insurance policy covers up to £10.000.00, some companies like ours cover damages to smaller items up to £150.00 in cash to avoid time consuming insurance formalities.

However, if you have high value items, this needs to be detailed on a separate list and policy, documented with pictures and details of the item, paperwork for the item would be helpful but not mandatory.

Naturally this will come at a cost as it requires special packing and insurance coverage, note that insurance companies will not cover if you do the packing.

Something to keep in mind, any packing and boxing of your belongings done by yourself will not be covered in the event of damages.

This is the rules of all insurance and moving companies, if you have delicate or valuable items, ask the moving company to include in their quote packing of a few boxes, just to stay on the safe side.


Never block access points, that’s doorways, corridors, stairways and your entrance.

If boxes or heavy items need to be carried through stairways, for example from the first floor of your house.

Don’t pack them heavy, some people keep their chest drawers or cupboards full and think it’s smart to move them like that and forget about the weight.

Even 2 Arnold Schwarzenegger’s will not carry them through stairways, it’s a matter of safety and not strength!

Southwest freight and logistics are a leading removal company in Bristol. We will be happy to provide any information and advice needed, please feel free to leave a comment on our blog and we will be happy to assist you.

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