Man and Van services, economic option for moving?

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By Frank Saillard

Man and van services has a high volume of demand online and on the search engines with people looking for different moving options, it’s a smart way to stay in control of your budget, here are a few tips and advice with details of this option for your move with some important points.

There are many independent workers out there that offer this type of services, many of them are not legal and they usually work without any legal status or licences required for this type of activity by law, they also offer a very low price, you must be aware that in the event of any accidents or verifications by the police or HMRC, you will also be held responsible for hiring illegal workers with heavy and costly consequences. It is imperative to check on their company’s legal status first and ask for their insurance details, also check on their legal status & reviews, we recommend the Trustpilot platform to see their reputation, this can be easily verified online, always take a peak on their “ Terms and conditions page” as you need to see what they are trying to have you agree on when they ask you to tick the; “I agree to the terms and conditions” box, with some of the terms they use you need to hire a lawyer to translate what is being said, this is not a good sign and you must understand by proceeding and agreeing you’re basically waving all your rights. Please take a minute to visit our Terms and conditions page, this will give you an idea of what a normal and easy to understand terms and conditions looks like, with honest and clear terms;

We highly recommend that you search for a moving company that actually offers a man & van services as they will provide you a personalised service with experienced and professional movers, this will buy you time and save you money as they will get the job done safely and much quicker.

Always check for the goods in transit insurance coverage, it is recommended to get a copy of their insurance policy in the event that you have valuable items, average insurance policies cover from £10.000 to £30.000, if you happen to have valuable items, it is be best to ask for a special insurance coverage, this naturally comes with extra fees, but it might be worth having it covered as accidents do happen!

In the event that smaller items are damaged, some Man and van companies rather keep their customers happy by replacing them or paying for it in cash, in our company we usually have this practice, things like mirrors for example have been damaged during transport and we replaced it for the customer.

These are details that you should be able to read in their terms and conditions, clearly stating how they process these issues, if it is not clear ask them to have it clarified in writing, and remember words fly away but writings always stay.

Please note that all insurance companies have a rule, if boxes are packed by the customer, they will Not have it covered, also computers and your hard drives with their data do not benefit from any kind of insurance coverage and these are items and belongings that you need to attend to personally to ensure their safety.

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You will have an example of how we manage this service and if you have any questions please feel free to contact Southwest freight and logistics.


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