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By Frank Saillard

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There is much to be said about trying to juggle too many balls in the air when it comes to services offered by any company in any industry. There are times when biting off too many services without ensuring premium quality can easily hinder the whole enterprise altogether. Then there are alternative times, when a company is passionate enough to run a business across all manners of delivery, storage and logistics for personal use and businesses alike. The companies that survive are the ones who have taken on the challenge with gusto and professionalism (in our humble opinion), with a track record to back it all up.

Today we’re going to explore a little about why that is, what makes a logistics company the ‘jack of all trades’ in terms of scale, service and offerings for the price they offer. We like to believe ourselves to be the jack of all trades, and we will show you why it’s better to go with the company that can do it all.


1.   Professional In All Avenues

One of the sure-fire ways to determine that you’re dealing with an all-encompassing company is in the professionalism on display through each caveat of their business model. Offering many services is one thing, it’s a whole other ballpark when you factor in the levels of security and competency for each service.

For instance, if a company is offering comprehensive courier service, storage service and moving services simultaneously – the sure-fire way to determine if they’re capable of overseeing the jobs properly is to determine their professionalism and competency in each of these fields individually.

Does the logistics side of the company cater to delivery and best stock reporting practices? Is there a form of package tracking? Are they insured? Once you have built a groundswell of these fundamental queries for the company you can easily compare it with their website and paperwork to determine their level of efficacy. On the storage side of the equation, you can ask more pertinent and specific questions such as what are their storage facilities like? Do they allow for large and small levels of personal or business storage? Even more so with the moving side of the company, do they have an applicable team? Can they cater to your area?

If the company is truly all-encompassing and as impressive as they have touted, they’ll have all the information available for each particular facet that they advertise coverage on.


2.   Wearing Their Reviews On Their Sleeve

We’ve all had to deal with a dodgy company at one time or another, not by choice of course but by unfortunate circumstance. We know how it feels. Therefore, it’s vital to always check the claims being made against real-world results. The best companies that understand the natural inclination of doubt when shopping for any new service or company will have links to all the major review sites that they appear on and invite prospective customers to have a gander and decide for themselves whether the company is right for them.

If a company is willing to air all honest reviews on their sleeve, you can bet tat the transparency will bleed into the business and their approach to you as well, after all its better to have honesty with a few questionable reviews than to have nothing at all and take them at their word.


3.   Scalable Service

An all-encompassing moving company necessitates the ability to scale and tailor services to fit the requirements of their clients. The companies that offer too much without having the follow through will often only offer a singular sized service to be applied across all of their clients. The true all-encompassing examples will have a fully formed and professional scaled service to be applied based on the client that they’re dealing with. Whether it be the man with a van for a small scale move to a large-scale moving vehicle for larger jobs. There shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all approach if they mean business in all its aspects.

It’s a good thing to have an all-encompassing business that encapsulates all the above, a demonstrated specialised approach to each avenue of the business is a surefire way to determine dedication and passion for the job they do which is advantageous to have in your corner. As always, it’s best to talk with your prospective logistics company before jumping into a decision off the bat. The best and most all-encompassing companies will take the time, we should know.

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